Home to Houseclan, Redtooth's home clan.Edit

Location: On the edge of the Blazing Forest that is farthest away from Threetrees.

Redtooth left (was exlied from) Houseclan after he tried to kill Ravenstar while he was possessed by Scourge. (Story coming soon!)

Nearby is a farm on which Bootsie lives.( Read Petalfur's secret to find out who Bootsie is.)

NOTE: This is NOT a roleplay page, but it is a page like the Blazing forest/ Ice forest page. This page gives info on the cats in the story "Petalfur's Rival" ( In progress).

The CatsEdit


Ravenstar- (formerly Ravenpaw), is in love with Poppypool. (Story on their love will be written after Petalfur's Rival.)



Grainfur - (formly Barley)


Medincine catEdit

Poppypool- Former loner, is in love with Ravenstar



Mousetooth- Half brother to Redtooth on mom's side. Mother: Unknown, Father: Boots.

No pic yet.


?( forgot name)-Mate: Grainfur, Kits-Quickkit/Quickstep, unborn kits- Swiftkit and Windkit

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Kits/ ApprenticesEdit

Quickkit/Quickpaw- son of Grainfur and ?.

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Exiled CatsEdit

Redtooth- Son of Scourge. Moved to Starclan!( His story is on Darkcloud!'s user page)


Petalfur- Mate: Redtooth, Kits- Darkkit/Darkpaw(not really), Rosekit, and Clawkit.Went to Starclan with Redtooth!


Darkpaw- daughter of Redtooth and Petalfur (not really). Age: 10 moons.Went with Redtooth to Starclan!

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