Please post your user name, Clan and the cat/cats you RP under the time zone you are in

This is so that as many people can come to Threetrees.

The next full moon is September 23,tommorrow.

Pacific: 7

Mountain: 8

Central: 9

Eastern: 10

Eastern Standard: 12 noon

If you can make it, keep your name below. If you can't, please remove your name from the list

Pacific Time Zone

-Daughter of ScourgeI'm Evil! RPs Darkcloud, Redtooth, Rosekit, Clawkit, Petalfur and the minority of EarthClan

Maybe- School night!

Petalfur can make it!


Cloverheart will try to come!CloverheartHave courage, and you will have strength...

I will come and RP Leafdrop! Smoketail88 ~Dovepaw forever! 00:52, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

(Everyone's a PT! D:)

Mountain Time Zone


And the majority of EarthClan

(I'm lonely! SOMEONE who has gotten an invatation, PLEASE get on! D:)

Central Time Zone

Shadeflower RPs Shadeflower

I will try to come.

Peacesign rps Feathercloud and his family. Might also not be able to come.

Eastern Time Zone

SandstarLeader of Starclan


We might not be able to make it though. School night. ;( DustpeltDeputy of StarClan Not Coming