Page two, when we need it. I found room on the first!!!! :DDDDHollyleaf

Thats very good! DustpeltDeputy of StarClan

But can you please tell Dark to change it from last resort on the welcome pages it makes me feel that she hates me. DustpeltDeputy of StarClan
You know what I was arguing about on Dark's talk page. DustpeltDeputy of StarClan
It's time for you to calm down! Well, the last resort for the template is a good idea, sorry.`~`
Ok yeah well if she had said that about you then you would have killed her! But no everybody here hates me so whatever.. DustpeltDeputy of StarClan
No Dust, you are well liked. Why else would you be an admin?Hollyleaf
Let me rephrase that then. DARK for the past few weeks has seemed to HATE ME! DustpeltDeputy of StarClan
I think it's because you uesd the plot. DXHollyleaf