ShadowClan territory.


The territory is a marshland with many pine trees and undergrowth in dark shades.


The leader's den is a pine tree hollow with a thorn bush. The warrior's den is a massive thorn bush. The elder's den is a large fallen log. The nursery is a huge thorn bush under a pine tree hollow. The appretinice's den is a bramble bush.


Frog, toad, snake, lizard, rat, sparrows, voles, shrews.

Places in ShadowClanEdit

Nightbranch- The Nightbranch is a tall pine tree branch that's on the pine tree that is part of the leader's den and the leader makes speeches from there.

Carrionplace- ShadowClan hunts rats there.

Burnt Sycamore- An anciet burned tree,ShadowClan apprentices are trained to hunt in night here and to stalk into the undergrowth unheared.

Twoleg Nest- There is a twoleg nest in the north part of the pine forest. It is home to two deadly kittypets. All cats stay aways form the Twoleg nest.

Twoleg Path- There is twoleg path close by the twoleg nest.

Clearing- Not much prey is there, by ever now and again the will be a toad or two.

Greenleaf Twoleg place- Twoleg come here with their kits in greenleaf. It's close to the carrion place. Luckily they stay away from carrion place.
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Southeast: StarClan

South: A Thunderpath that forms the border with EarthClan.


September 12, 2010Edit

Dustpelt arrives with Brokenspirit. 'Well your on your home territory do you reconise anything?' DustpeltDeputy of StarClan "Yes, thank you for all your help" ActingThe art of the stage and drama

'Well Im going to make sure you get to camp before I let you go.' DustpeltDeputy of StarClan

Dustpelt and Brokenspirit arrive at camp entrance. 'Well I need to get back to me own clan.Bye' DustpeltDeputy of StarClan

Blizzardcloud padded up and looked at Dustpelt. "What are you doing here." She meowed. Squirrel Do You know... THE MUFFIN MAN!?!?!?!

Dreamshadow pads up. "What's going on here?" She meows. Skydragon

Foxstar pads around camp-Fox

'I was helping Brokenspirit come home. Now if you don't mind Ill be leaving,' Dustpelt quickly returns to StarClan. DustpeltDeputy of StarClan

Dreamshadow nodds and looks around. "Is there anything you want done, Foxstar?" she meows. "If not I want to take Lichenpaw hunting." Skydragon

"Actually, ill come with you. Rowanpaw's been dying to hunt"-Fox

Feathercloud walks out of his den "Good morning Foxstar" he greets

Foxstar nods to her medicine cat, "Morning"-Fox

Rowanpaw runs out of the apprentice 's den "I want to go hunting"! he beams

Foxstar grins at his enthusiasm and pads out of camp, flicking her tail over her shoulder signaling for him to come-Fox

"Coming" he respones-ActingThe art of the stage and drama

Amdushs frog "Got it" (Fox,are you sill on?)

(Yesh. I was eatin breakfast with Sand)

Foxstar nods to her apprentice, "Nicely done"-Fox

"Thanks"! Rowanpaw says

Stepmber 28th, 2010Edit

  • Eats a rat* "Not bad" Feathercloud remarks

-ActingThe art of the stage and drama