These are the rules which must be followed in order to keep a calm, friendly site. All rules also apply to external chatrooms such as the IRC or Skype.

1. Crude language is discouraged. This is a public forum, use civil words.

2. Try not to use the same picture for more than one cat. If it does happen, the two users who have the same picture can get together and calmly work it out. No one may claim any picture as 'theirs' unless they have drawn it/ manipulated it. See Pictures for more clarification and other rules on photo usage.

3. No spamming. Creating unnecessary pages could also be considered spam, depending on a) the user and b) the page itself.

4: Comments that are inflammatory are not allowed. This includes put-downs, harassment, and criticizing the site in a rude manner. Examples: 'This site sucks ****' is not allowed however- 'I think you could make improvements on the way you keep track of all the cats.' IS allowed. See the difference? Any breaking of this rule will result in a 2 day ban- perhaps more depending on the severity of the comment and the number of offenses.

5.This one is more of a request. Please, please, please use correct grammar and spelling! Also, please do not use past tense, it makes things difficult to read.

6. Do not edit other's personal USER pages. Talk pages do not fall under this as they are place to leave messages.

6. There is a limit on how many cats/animals you can roleplay. This is so no one person ends up dominating a certain clan or group.

5 cats in Starclan.
5 cats in Shadowclan.
4 rouges.
1 other animal. (no humans!)
(Clans/groups made up for plots do not fall under these limits as the user in charge of the plot may allow more or less cats to be created. Keep in mind though, Clans/Groups made up for plots must either a) disband after the plot is over, or b) join a pre-existing clan/group. There well be some exceptions from time to time.)

If you feel that another rule should be added, or the current ones changed, please leave a comment on the talk page or in the article comments below!

Thank you, and don't forget to follow the rules and have fun!

-Dark My Talk Page