Twoleg name: Magella Warrior Name: Sandkit/storm Rank: kit She-cat Age: 4 moons?/4 months? Description: Gold and white kit, adventurous, but cautious. If she trusts you, she will be your best friend. Mother: Columbia Father: Unknown


Twoleg name: Columbia Warrior Name:? Rank: Queen/Warrior Kits: Magella Mate: Unknown She-cat Age: Unknown Description: Striped cranky and suspicious queen. Mark on right side of face from fight. If she trusts you, she will let you pet her. Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown


Twoleg name: Emmy Warrior Name: ? Rank: Queen/Warrior Kits: Expecting Mate: Climber She-cat Age: Unknown, but 2nd oldest cat on farm Description: Grey calico queen. Friendly. Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown


Twoleg name: Tippy Warrior Name: ? Rank: Warrior She-cat Age: Unknown Description: Black cat with white tip on tail and under tail base . Friendly, but is wary of strangers. Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown In Background: Magella is playing with Tippy’s tail.


Twoleg name: Grandma Warrior Name: Smallear Rouge name Short Ear Rank: Warrior/almost elder She-cat Age: Unknown, but oldest cat on farm. Description: Striped she-cat with small ears and several battle scars. Unfriendly, but if she does trust you, she won’t claw your face off. Former Rouge. Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown


Twoleg name: Grandpa Warrior Name: ? Rank: Elder Tom Age: Unknown, but 3rd oldest cat on farm Description: Black tomcat. Friendly. Has cold. Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown


Twoleg name: Blackie #64 Warrior Name: ? Rank: Warrior Tom Age: Unknown, Description: Black tomcat with white patch on chest. Friendly, but cautious. The 64th Blackie my Grandparents have had .Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown